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On Agile Directing blog I share my thoughts, ideas, experience and research outcomes related to strategic management and leadership. Some writings might appear a bit provocative or sarcastic - even contradictory. The ultimate aim, however, is to encourage the reader to think independently by endeavouring to wrench out oneself of the stagnant and conventional thought patterns according to which we in Western society have been taught to reflect and behave. I am willingly taking the risk not to cowardice anyone based on title, high society position or any kind of power base. Yet, my intention is not to discredit anyone or any institution.

Supporting the objectives on the one hand and lighten up on the other, I include some more or less foolish incidents and observations from my life often based on my occasionally slightly impulsive nature. Otherwise my personal life and people related to it will be kept strictly private. You can familiarize yourself to my expertise and professional background on "My profile" page.

I have started my blog in November 2013 including only writings in Finnish. It is possible to use an automatic translator on the Finnish writings. Please note, the quality of the translations are questionable, though.