Corruption and the power of networks

According to the Finnish research Old Boy network is a serious problem in Finland. We have a quite small pool of people who are more or less acquainted with each other.  

The worst threats are:

  • Neglecting the Corporate Governance –code
  • Top management’s “confidential” arrangements concerning their personal financial benefits
  • Unhealthy competitive environment and culture
  • Top management’s key position takeovers (ensuring the loyalty)
  • Immoral corporate culture, crumbling reputation

Researchers suggest that the emergence of these kinds of networks could be prevented by creating a threat of sanctions and a “ratting” system.

In Finnish legislation there is no definition for corruption.  Researchers have not been very interested in the subject either. Professor of procedural law Jyrki Virolainen has written about the corruption in judiciary in Finland. So, if the judiciary cannot be trusted, a question remains, who then is assessing the punishable acts in each case?

I referred to philosophers Deleuze & Guattari and their concept of rhizome and the transition from discipline society to control society, where media and communication are highlighted. The essential phenomenon is that controls are entitled by public opinion and ethics and the traditional uses of power have no effect anymore as the resisters are “escaping along the rhizome”.

According to the Transparency International Finland instead of just staring at the potential corruption we should focus on developing the morale.

It is notable, though, that the youth in Finland are increasingly morally conscious.