Gaining success by manipulating your own mind

In my Finnish writing I presented a story about a grandmother and a grandchild who succeeded to survive by meeting the needs of a psychopath murderer (George Kohlrieser, IMD professor and ex- hostage negotiator)

I also discussed about an awarded book written by a Finnish author and management consultant Helena Åhman. She is specialist, among other things, in mind management. She underlines that we manipulate also our own mind constantly. On the other hand, we cannot direct or control anything before we know it.

I referred to Nic Marks, who has made a survey on Happiness at work.

10 reasons to be excited at work are as follows:

1.     The sense of achieving and the pride of achievements
2.     Good leadership and management
3.     Good relations with colleagues
4.     Autonomy and sense of control
5.     Respectful atmosphere
6.     Relevance and meaningfulness of work
7.     The balance between work and other parts of life
8.     Possibility to utilise one’s strengths
9.     Learning new skills
10.   Fair rewarding

Yet, Marks affirms that employee can feel enthusiasm at work even though the superior is a dope and the organisation is inefficient.

According to the survey, in Finland the happiness index is 5/7, which is remarkably higher than for example in Great Britain or in United States.

I have also asked a few times my trainees if it is possible to be excited even though the management is jerk as well as at least part of the workmates.Yes.

The reasons they mentioned were e.g.

•    Learning: developing know how for own purposes
•    Customer relations: you get the sense of success from customers
•    Salary: if you have housing debt, the threshold for resilience decreases strangely.

Finally, I told an exciting incident which happened to me at Singapore airport; how to catch the plane in almost impossible situation. I illustrated how one can manipulate own mind by even lying to oneself, if necessary - with success.