Current management style is from 1920s

In my Finnish writing I said that I keep hearing from various sources that management in many companies still acts against modern management and leadership doctrines and research outcomes. In fact, in these economic circumstances even more and more. I heard some time ago about a TV interview where some expert stated that the management style, currently applied in organisations, is from 1920’s – referring to Taylorism, I presume.

Yet, today employees are expected to be creative and present initiatives. Harvard professor Teresa Amabile has already in year 1998 written an article How to kill creativity. She presented the typical methods how managers, time after time, manage to ruin the creativity.

The problem with creativity escalates at the moment as massive statutory negotiations are under way in several organisations. According to a research made in Finland (Bairoh, 2014) the workers usually understand the economic constraints and the need for savings but they do not accept management’s way of acting in these kinds of situations, how communication and termination of employment have been taken care of, to name just a few.

Bairoh stresses that workers’ confidence in the company’s management and management’s capability was clearly crumbled, especially, if the statutory negotiations began to multiply in the organisation. The workers did only the most necessary work and did not want to stretch in favour of the employer anymore. On top of this, it also inhibits any kind of collaboration in the future because the relations between management and workers will remain inflamed for a very long time.

I still wonder why it is so difficult to apply the trendy “partnership idea” between management and workers. Or, do I have to wonder, really. Definitely one significant reason is the hierarchical thinking and attitude.

I discussed, finally, these hierarchies including board work. But, I realized that the subject is so important and goes so deep into the core of my research problem of my dissertation that I decided to write a separate posting in English later on.

So, until then : -D