In my Finnish writing I discussed about a new recruiting trend in Finland. Human Resource personnel have started requiring “selfie videos” of the candidates. This is very awkward situation for many Finnish people because we are far from American extrovert types who typically are excellent performers. Indeed, Finnish people can be very brief and expressionless.

You can learn to perform but if the job description concerns for example producing data analysis it begins to wonder if the good performing skills are so necessary, after all. In addition, in assessing presentation skills and the content of the presentation we mustn’t overlook the latter one. People who are excellent performers are not necessarily the best ones to create high quality content.

My colleague’s children go to the American school in Helsinki. They have this kind of “show and tell” theme already from the first grade. Her children are very extroverts and used to perform. Still, nothing is enough for the American teachers. She noted that it is a really valuable skill because you do not need to know a thing…

So, this style does not necessarily fit In Finnish culture. And, there are jobs where the performance skills are not so important and can even exclude characteristics which are much more significant concerning the underlying tasks. Hence, all kinds of global trends should be adapted to local culture and we should focus on highlighting the strengths of that particular culture.

I also referred to a writing made by professor of management studies Janne Tienari about the recruiting criteria for managers, how directors should look like. According to him management function is nowadays a playground for persons who look dynamic and slender. The competence is more and more assessed based on the looks. He emphasizes that it is questionable, however, if there can always be found a healthy soul in the healthy body.