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Management by "Perkele"

Monday 5/16/16 time 1:15 PM

In organisational management studies the trend is clearly the participative and democratic leadership principle. The authoritarian leadership based on hierarchical power positions and hegemony is old fashioned and does not gain any specific scientific interest anymore. It has been demonstrated that it leads to the path of firm’s decline, sooner or later. The funny thing is, however, that several companies still uses this traditional management or leadership style.  Management by ‘Perkele’ is evolved apparently as a Finnish principle of managing firms. ‘Perkele’ is probably the most powerful curse word ever created by mankind referring to power and force. This style is not at all a popular way in contemporary management studies as it refers to command and control which, in turn, is claimed for reducing commitment and trust among employees.  

Despite of the negative clang of the ‘Perkele’-principle even among Finnish people, I have been told several times that Management by Perkele has evoked, i.e., among the Swedes envy of the Finns’ competence to lead people by perkele - with success!  I might ask what makes it so impossible for others, say, to the Swedes to apply this kind of style by themselves? And, does this mean, that the Swedes are, finally, cheesed off in their democratic and very time consuming discussions - without an end. :-D At least the Finns sometimes consider these endless discussions quite annoying.

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