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Hannamari Heino (former Kosonen)

I have 15 years of experience in management both in family owned industrial and real estate management companies and companies owned by private equity investors in service sectors like HoReCa and financial services and also in retail business. I have worked among other things as CFO, as accountable director, as member of advisory board and as secretary of board of directors. At present, I train among other things strategic management, leadership, performance measurement and work development, as well as real estate management and valuation.

Currently, I am processing a dissertation. The aim of the dissertation is to study disturbances in organization and their relationship with a company's strategy performance and dynamic capabilities by emphasizing the company's board of directors' role as a source as well as an anticipator and mitigator of those disturbances. I have developed a concrete tool to be used in identification of organization-specific disturbnaces as an alternative to highly popularized development models currently used in business consulting. The theoretical source of inspiration is unique: cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) created by Vygotsky, Leontiev, Engeström combined with strategy research (e.g. Mintzberg, Pfeffer, Pettigrew, Jarzabkowsky) and the concept of Rhizome (Deleuze & Guattari). Essential perspectives in my research is power, resistance and hierarchical strategic management. The intention is to explain organisation case basis, how power, the lack of power and resistance could be identified and the consequences analysed, and what the potential structural elements are enabling or inhibiting the evolvement of dynamic capabilities.

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